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Delivering the NCAS Strategy

Our science strategy will be delivered through four related research programmes: Climate Prediction, WeatherAir Quality and Technology Development. These programmes will draw upon the services provided by NCAS facilities in support of NERC national capability in atmospheric science. Each of the challenges will be addressed by multi-disciplinary teams within NCAS and will draw in collaborators both nationally and internationally, from a range of science disciplines.

Indeed, atmospheric science is increasingly multi-disciplinary and fits into the larger picture of environmental science. We are under no illusions concerning the scale of the environmental challenges facing us and our international role in addressing these challenges. We believe that in NCAS, and in the wider NERC community which we serve, there exists a concentration of expertise which can make a significant impact on an international stage. This impact will be enhanced and made more effective by the strategic partnerships which we already have or will develop as we implement this strategy.

Whilst it is organisationally and scientifically productive to structure our research around these four programmes, our research is increasingly multi-disciplinary. Each programme draws on wide spectrum of NCAS expertise in core disciplines such as maths, physics, chemistry, computer science and engineering. Significant aspects of our programmes can only be delivered through strong collaborations with other disciplines.

As scientific understanding advances and the environmental problems facing society change, so this strategy will evolve; it is intended to be a dynamic and living document. A crucial part of NCAS science delivery will be the continual flow of new ideas arising from our staff and collaborators and pursued via blue skies funding from NERC and elsewhere. A sign of success of our strategic research will be the spawning of new blue skies initiatives and the feedback into new capabilities and services, adopted by NERC as national capability or by NCAS stakeholders in their service provision.

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