Our ambition

We seek to understand our atmosphere, how it is changing, and how it impacts life on earth.
We address global challenges, through our science and our services, helping society adapt to environmental change.

Latest news

  • Person with short hair wearing a red check shirt stands in front of a large screen, gesturing. A group of people sit in front and watch.

    February 15, 2024

    Summer of science: Placement scheme for young people

    For the third year running, the National Centre for Atmospheric Science will be offering inspirational summer placements for young people across the UK.

    #Equality Diversity and Inclusion #Public Engagement

  • Yellow and orange city skyline with the sun bright in the sky. In the foreground there are houses, trees and flat block towers.

    February 14, 2024

    How will El Niño affect 2024?

    Find out what impact El Niño had on the record-breaking temperatures recorded in 2023, and whether more temperature records will be broken in 2024.

    #Climate and High-impact Weather

Our training programme

We are committed to providing the best training in atmospheric science in the UK. Our training programme is research-led and delivered by experts, allowing you to master the fundamentals and refine practical skills and techniques.

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Equality, diversity and inclusion

We promote equality, celebrate diversity and maintain a working environment where staff feel they can bring their whole self to the workplace and to their work.

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Our five-year strategy

Our strategy sets out our commitment to help solve the challenges of climate change, air pollution and weather hazards. Discover how our goals will help society rise to the challenges ahead.

Our science

  • Air Pollution

    Human exposure to air pollution is a significant global environmental burden. By improving society’s knowledge of air pollution, we contribute towards improving air quality and reducing its impacts on people and economic development.

  • Climate and High Impact Weather

    Weather such as storms, heatwaves and cold spells can impact water resources, infrastructure, agriculture and public health. To mitigate these risks, we contribute towards improved early warnings, risk assessments and further knowledge on climate change.

  • Long Term Global Change

    Human activities are now the major driver of changes in the atmosphere and its interactions with the earth’s climate. To inform adaptation and mitigation policies, we provide robust scientific evidence on how our atmosphere is changing.

Our services

White and blue aircraft inside a large hangar

FAAM Airborne Laboratory

Our FAAM Airborne Laboratory operates a specially adapted world-class research aircraft.

White radar dish with metal supports, viewed through window

Atmospheric Measurement and Observation Facility

The Atmospheric Measurement and Observation Facility (AMOF) is a UK research facility that enables advanced measurements of the atmosphere.

Blue and green lights arranged in columns on a computer system

Centre for Environmental Data Analysis

The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) provides data storage and analysis capabilities for the environmental research community.

Thin layer of white clouds swirl above a blue background

Computational Modelling Services

The Computational Modelling Services (CMS) supports computer simulations for climate, weather and earth-system research.