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Vertical rainbow coloured stripes that show global average temperature change over the last 150 years. Blue and purple stripes on the left hand side show cooler years, and green, yellow, orange, red stripes to the right show warmer years.

LGBTQ+ climate stripes for Pride

For Pride month we are sharing a series of Warming Stripes that have been redesigned using the same colours as different LGBTQ+ flags.

Person wearing glasses and check shirt stands in a field of long, dry grass looking at the grass

Climate spiral threatens land carbon stores

The world’s forests are losing their ability to absorb carbon due to increasingly unstable conditions caused by humans, shows new study.

Dark storm clouds form over city skyline in Manilla

Tropical storms signalled by atmospheric waves

Atmospheric waves trapped close to the equator can be blamed for the formation of some of the world’s most devastating tropical storms

Aerial view of a flooded suburb, rows of houses are submerged in blue water

Powerful hurricanes get second wind in Europe

Stronger hurricanes that are re-energised by jet stream winds are twice as likely to cross the Atlantic and wreak havoc in Europe than weaker ones.

Blue and white aircraft with the word FAAM on the tail, inside an aircraft hangar

Taking UK airborne research to new heights

The UK’s FAAM Airborne Laboratory will remain at the forefront of environmental research following a significant investment by the UK government.