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Cloudy blue sky with a rainbow, over a couple of fields and woodland

Five ways to support LGBTQ+ people in science

As part of the UK’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ+) History Month, we’re promoting ways to support a more inclusive research environ...

Svastra duplocineta viewed under a microscope

Protecting UK insect populations using radar data

The health of the UK’s insect populations is to be assessed by a new project, which aims to advise on policies to help protect them more effectively pos...

Blue river lined by tall, green trees, below a cloudy sky

The future of our forests: climate change and trees

As our climate continues to warm, forests are on the front line of the crisis. Forest loss is both a cause and an effect of climate change.

Brightly coloured houses, surrounded by snowy landscape in Greenland

Greenland ice sheet faces irreversible melting

Climate change could lead to irreversible sea level rise as temperatures continue to rise and the Greenland ice sheet continues to decline.