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a close up image of a camera lens with purple colours in the background and reflected on the glass lens

Looking through the lens of LGBTQ+ people in science

This LGBT+ History Month we asked staff across our organisation, who identify as LGBTQ+, to share their experiences of, and advice for, working in scien...

Person wearing glasses and check shirt stands in a field of long, dry grass looking at the grass

Climate spiral threatens land carbon stores

The world’s forests are losing their ability to absorb carbon due to increasingly unstable conditions caused by humans, shows new study.

Dark storm clouds form over city skyline in Manilla

Tropical storms signalled by atmospheric waves

Atmospheric waves trapped close to the equator can be blamed for the formation of some of the world’s most devastating tropical storms

Person with long hair stands in a laboratory, wearing blue top and blue gloves. They reach upwards to adjust taps on the side of a large metal gas chamber.

Hidden harms of indoor pollution

It is time to recognise the impact that indoor air pollution has on our health, say leading government officials in a new comment piece in Nature.