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Air Pollution

  • Tram moving from left to right through a busy city centre, with many people walking along the pavement.

    Air Pollution

    Air Pollution in Urban Areas

    Urban areas are one of the biggest challenges in understanding air pollution. They are densely populated, and contain many different pollution sources.

  • City centre road with large orange buildings on either side, traffic lights and signs are visible in the distance.

    Air Pollution

    Air Pollution, Climate and Weather

    Air pollution is closely linked to climate and weather. It is important that our air pollution measurements and forecasts take these types of events int…

  • Male and Female walk along a pavement, both are wearing face masks.

    Air Pollution

    Health Effects

    The health effects of air pollution include asthma, strokes and cancers. We support studies looking at the health effects of air pollution.

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Climate & High-impact Weather

  • Fluffy white clouds frame an aerial view of islands below.

    Climate and High-impact Weather

    Large-scale Modes of Variability

    Large-scale modes of variability can be described as common patterns in our climate. They are often the reason behind extreme weather events, like storms.

  • Large, dark cloud looms over the sea.

    Climate and High-impact Weather

    Cyclonic Storms

    Cyclonic storms can produce extreme winds, heavy rainfall and coastal flooding. They are one of the most destructive weather systems on earth.

  • Green tractor ploughs a dusty brown field, with green trees behind.

    Climate and High-impact Weather

    Cold Spells, Heatwaves and Droughts

    Cold spells, heatwaves, and droughts are examples of long lasting high-impact weather events. These types of persistent weather events have a huge socia…

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Long-term Global Change

  • Semi-transparent layer of white cloud viewed from above, there is blue water and green land visible through the middle of the cloud.

    Long-term Global Change

    Climate Projections

    Climate projections help us to understand how the earth’s climate will change in the future.

  • Long-term Global Change

    Clouds and Aerosols

    Aerosols are tiny particles that are suspended in the atmosphere. They can be solid or liquid, and they have a big impact on the world’s climate.

  • Fluffy, white clouds above green and yellow fields

    Long-term Global Change

    Changes in Atmospheric Composition

    Our atmosphere is made up of many different gases. The most common gases are nitrogen, oxygen and argon. But, the exact amount of each gas is always cha…

Long-term Collaborative Programmes

  • solar panels on a grey corrugated factory building and a blue sky

    Long-term Collaborations


    Future impacts, risks, and mitigation actions (TerraFIRMA) is assessing a range of mitigation strategies and will provide reliable guidance on the impac…

  • Nine people stood in or around a boat in water

    Long-term Collaborations


    Forecasting African Storms Application (FASTA) brings near real-time weather information to East Africa.

  • Row of houses along Whitby coastline

    Long-term Collaborations


    Climate change in the Arctic – North Atlantic region and impacts on the UK (CANARI) is understanding how extreme weather will impact the UK and be shape…

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