cloudWe need to understand the fundamentals of climate to understand how and why climate varies and how people are affecting climate. This understanding is essential to improve climate predictions.

Our weather and climate is driven ultimately by the energy the Earth receives from the Sun. The conditions we experience around the world are governed by the way this energy is redistributed by the atmosphere and oceans.

The behaviour of the atmosphere and oceans is governed by fundamental laws of physics. The behaviour is very complex because many different processes and scales - from microscopic to global - are involved. This complexity is the reason that understanding, simulating and predicting the climate system is such a big challenge.

Some examples of NCAS-Climate research:

NCAS-Climate scientists are studying the fundamental processes that control many aspects of climate such as:

  • the Gulf Stream circulation in the Atlantic
  • the way crops affect the atmosphere and vice versa
  • tropical rainfall, hurricanes and other storms
  • the upper atmosphere and how it affects our weather and climate

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