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  • Airplane flying through red hazy clouds

    Clearing up cloudy climate predictions

    UK scientists take to the skies as part of an international research campaign to better understand the behaviour of clouds and their role in climate cha...

  • White paper calendar on a table

    12 news stories that defined our year

    To mark the twelve days before Christmas, we’re looking back at our top twelve news stories from the past year.

  • A row of flooded redbrick buildings

    Why climate science needs to learn from risk assessment

    Climate scientists need to spend more time considering all plausible future climate scenarios rather than just the most likely, argues Professor

  • Row of terrace house rooftops covered in snow

    Taking a closer look at Europe’s future winters

    Wetter winters across northern Europe and drier winters across southern Europe are expected towards the end of this century. But the scale

  • Fluffy, white clouds in a blue sky

    Climate change to increase severe turbulence

    Strong turbulence could become twice or even three times as common because of climate change, according to a new study from the University