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Professor Stephen Mobbs stands, wearing a grey suit, in front of blue aircraft engines

The National Centre for Atmospheric Science is led by its Management Board.

The Executive Director, Professor Stephen Mobbs, is advised and supported by the Management Board, Science Theme Leaders and Heads of Services and Facilities.

Our Management Board is made up of nine leaders.

Our Management Board members are:

Executive Director: Professor Stephen Mobbs

Science Director: Professor Jacqui Hamilton

Scientific Services, Facilities and Training Director and Interim Deputy Director: Dr Barbara Brooks

Operations Director: Mr John Eager

Staff Member: Dr Ruth Purvis

Non-Executive Director: Dr Nick Beard

Non-Executive Director: Professor Mary E Black

Non-Executive Director: Sir Graham Stacey

Our Science Theme Leaders coordinate activities within our three research areas.

Our Science Theme Leaders are:

Air Pollution Theme Leader: Dr Sarah Moller

Climate and High-Impact Weather Leaders: Dr Ioana Colfescu and Professor Andy Turner

Long-Term Global Change Leader: Dr Till Kuhlbrodt

Our Heads of Services and Facilities look after our measurement and data services.

Our Heads of Services and Facilities are:

Joint Deputy Head of the Atmospheric Measurement and Observation Facility: Dr Grant Forster and Dr David Hooper

Head of the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis: Dr Phillip Kershaw

Head of Computer Modelling Services: Dr Grenville Lister

Head of the FAAM Airborne Laboratory: Mr Alan Woolley