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Open access research articles

Making your research article open access means that the results of publicly funded research are available to everyone for free – under conditions that enable them to be re-used and built upon. If you have an award from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), one of the UKRI councils, or the Wellcome Trust, you must follow open access requirements when publishing a research article.

Our open access fund for staff

The National Centre for Atmospheric Science’s Open Access Fund can be used to pay for open access publication fees.

Please review the eligibility criteria before you apply. Use the Google form to request payment of open access publication fees.

After you submit a request, your application will be reviewed by the NCAS Science Director and the Finance and Contracts Manager. You will receive confirmation of your outcome from the Operations Support Team, who will contact you using the email address you provide through the form.

Information submitted using this form will be retained by the Operations Support Team, and where payments are made from the NCAS Open Access Fund, details of publications and payments will be made available to the research funders and may be made public.