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Strategy and oversight

Our Science Strategy Board provides top level scientific research strategy and oversight; recommendations for science strategies and priorities for the consideration of the Management Board; a way to review the delivery of science across the organisation; and assessment of progress and outcomes – in line with our Research and Innovation Strategy.

Our Science Strategy Board

Our Management Board is made up of the following members:

Science Director: Professor Jacqui Hamilton

Scientific Services, Facilities and Training Director: Dr Barbara Brooks

Air Pollution Theme Leader: Dr Sarah Moller

Long Term Global Change Theme Leader: Dr Till Kuhlbrodt

Climate and High Impact Weather Co-Theme Leader: Dr Ioana Colfescu

Climate and High Impact Weather Co-Theme Leader: Professor Andrew Turner

Air Pollution Theme Representative: Dr James Allan

Long Term Global Change Representative: Dr Paul Griffiths

Executive Director: Professor Stephen Mobbs

Natural Environment Research Council Representative: Lizzie Garrett

Science Representative: Professor Pier Luigi Vidale

Science Representative: Professor Bryan Lawrence

Science Representative: Antje Weisheimer

Science Representative: Ryan Neely III