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Supporting workforce changes

To support workforce planning across our organisation, managers are encouraged to use the Workforce Planning Google Form. The form aims to improve equality, efficiency, consistency, and effective workforce planning and budgeting across all our sites.

As part of annual review processes, and ongoing conversations between staff and managers, the form can be used to support proactive conversations about career development and proposed role changes.

All NCAS requests from all sites, whether they are NCAS funded, need to be approved by exec or require no approval, need to be submitted through this form for the information of the NCAS People team. This will support maintenance of the People database and improve communication between Site Leads, the People Team, the Finance team, Executive Group and host institutions.

Requests that require executive group approval are:

  • New role
  • Replacement role
  • Change of hours
  • Change of contract
  • Affiliate status

Requests that are for information only of the People Team are:

  • Internal secondment
  • Promotion
  • Retirement
  • Resignation

Please see our step by step flowchart for the full workforce planning process. Before completing this form, you may be required to provide evidence of prior conversations with the Finance team, People team and your relevant director. Please refer to the form for detailed information on this.

Please contact people@ncas.ac.uk if you have questions or comments about the form.