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Supporting workforce changes

The NCAS Workforce Planning process ensures all information regarding planned workforce changes related to NCAS staff is communicated effectively with the NCAS People Team, Head of Finance and Contacts, and relevant directors. This improves equity, consistency, and effective workforce planning and budgeting across all our sites. 

As part of annual review processes, and ongoing conversations between staff and managers, the workforce planning process can be used to support proactive conversations about career development and proposed role changes.

All NCAS requests from all sites, whether they are NCAS funded, need to be approved by exec, or require no approval, need to follow and move through the workforce planning process for the information of the NCAS People team. 

How do I complete a workforce planning request?

When any workforce planning changes are going to occur within your team or site, please follow the workforce planning process:

  1. Please contact the People Team with details of your Workforce Planning request. 
  2. If required, a Zoom meeting will be scheduled with you to discuss what you are requesting and what information you will need to provide. 
  3. Based on the nature of the request, the People Team will share a business case document with you for completing general request information and funding outlines. This will be shared with the Head of Finance and Contracts, the relevant director, and the People Team. 
  4. All parties will collaborate on the form until all the information required has been provided. The business case is then sent to the Executive Group for final sign off.
  5. You will be notified of the final request decision by the Executive Support & Governance Officer, and the People Team will be in touch with next steps. 

When is a request needed?

The People Team should be notified of an upcoming workforce planning change in the following circumstances:

  • Development of a new role 
  • Replacement role (recruitment to a current NCAS role)
  • Change of hours 
  • Change of contract status
  • Internal secondment (an NCAS colleague moving between roles at their NCAS site or between different NCAS sites)
  • Promotion
  • Retirement 
  • Resignation
  • Leave of absence (including paternal, maternity and career breaks) 
  • Any FTE changes (whether external or internal role)

Not all these changes will require a business case and exec sign off, but the People Team do need to be made aware of all upcoming changes to support workforce planning across the organisation.

If your request fits outside of this list, you are unsure if your request relates to workforce planning or for any other questions regarding this process, please contact the People Team.