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  • aircraft wing above clouds

    Commercial aircraft equipped to collect climate data

    Commercial aircraft are being transformed into flying laboratories as part of a European effort to collect real-time observations of our atmosphere. 

  • White radar dish sits on top green shipping container in a field, with blue skies behind

    Job Opportunity: Radar Support Engineer

    The National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) is seeking an engineer to support our world-leading moveable atmospheric radar facilities.

  • Eight people stand in front of a white radar dish, with a bright blue sky behind them

    How researchers are observing rainfall in flood-risk regions

    Over the last five years, a team of researchers from the National Centre for Atmospheric Science have been working to improve rainfall observations in f...

  • Woman wearing earphones stands in corridor between electric blue illuminated computer hardware

    Job Opportunity: Software Developer

    Are you highly motivated with a background in computer science, physical science or engineering?

  • Person inspects scientific instrument in a grass field

    Job Opportunity: Data Specialist

    As an NCAS Data Specialist, you will be responsible for managing the flow of AMOF data to the national data archive managed by CEDA

  • Person sits at desk, looking at data on computer screen

    Job Opportunity: IT Technical Project Specialist

    As an NCAS IT Technical Project Specialist you will primarily play a key role in a major change of IT systems within our world-leading AMOF.

  • Around twenty silver metal antenna arranged in a line

    Atmospheric Science Community Meeting

    The Atmospheric Measurement and Observation Facility is aiming to submit a community call for funding, in order to secure the future of the facility.

  • Dark green tree canopy in front of a large lake with low lying dark clouds above

    Job opportunity: Instrument Scientist

    Apply to become an Instrument Scientist in the field of Cloud Microphysics, funded by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS).