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Event: FAAM Airborne Laboratory’s Future Capability

The National Centre for Atmospheric Science invites the environmental science community to a full-day forum focused on the future capabilities of our research aircraft facility, the FAAM Airborne Laboratory, at Cranfield University on Thursday 25 January 2024, 10am-5pm.

The FAAM Airborne Laboratory already provides cutting-edge measurements in the atmosphere almost anywhere in the world, but a £49 million investment known as the Mid-Life Upgrade programme is enabling transformative change.

By 2026 and out to 2040, users of the research aircraft facility will be able to access greater support, a new suite of state-of-the-art instruments, and benefit from a range of aircraft modifications.

The forum offers an engaging opportunity for new and existing users of the facility – from across the environmental science community – to gain a clearer understanding of the planned upgrades to research capabilities, and the future of flying with Europe’s largest airborne laboratory. 


Please visit the “After the Upgrade: FAAM Airborne Laboratory’s Future Capability” event information site for the registration form, further details on travel and venues, the event programme, and for contacting the organisers.