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Man wearing beige jumper and safety glasses applies labels to gas canisters on a work bench

Our working environment

The National Centre for Atmospheric Science enables world-leading atmospheric science research.

We employ a wide range of skilled science, operational and support staff based at 12 sites across the UK. Our staff work together to deliver research that advances atmospheric science for a changing world.

Our staff are our biggest asset. We have over 240 staff members working across a wide range of scientific topics and services, helping to tackle the most important environmental challenges of our time. Together, they deliver world-class, innovative science and maintain our reputation for scientific excellence.

Our values

Our values define the scope of our research, how we operate and who we work with.

We support the UK Research and Innovation values of collaboration, excellence, innovation and integrity. And, we align our ambition with the Natural Environment Research Council – to maintain excellence through the four pillars of social, environmental, business and research responsibility.

As employees in a public sector research organisation, our staff have a responsibility to demonstrate excellence in what they do.

The core values that we aspire to are:

  • Engaging and empathetic leadership, that is effective in decision-making and transparent in action
  • To be seen as an open and generous partner, where integrity, honesty and personal accountability are normal
  • Highly valued and respected services, and strive to deliver academic and technical excellence
  • A culture of innovation, flexibility, responsiveness and a quest for constant improvement
  • A professional and diverse workforce that is valued, respected, inclusive and motivated
  • To deliver our mission in an environment of empowerment and mutual trust
  • To take measures to increase environmental sustainability across our functions, minimise waste, and reduce impacts on air pollution and climate change
  • Work with partners that share our values and are committed to similar principles of open research, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility

These values drive our strategy, support equality and diversity, and guide us when identifying partners to collaborate with.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

One of our strategic aims is to embrace diversity and foster an inclusive and integrated culture. Our staff play a critical role in embedding our cultural values and achieving our ambitions for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our vision is to make the National Centre for Atmospheric Science a great place to work, where people feel accepted, valued, respected and supported in their personal and professional development. 

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group provides oversight and works to address all aspects of our working environment. Their aim is to provide a fair and inclusive working environment for all staff, regardless of their background, circumstances, or specific protected characteristics identified in the 2010 Equality Act.