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Black Lives Matter: Translating our words into actions

The National Centre for Atmospheric Science has backed its commitment to promote equality, diversity and inclusion across the organisation by setting out a targeted programme of work in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The three-tiered approach, put forward by our Equality Diversity and Inclusion Group, will include staff development, building relationships with partner organisations, and community engagement with society.

Our response to Black Lives Matter within the National Centre for Atmospheric Science has been led by Dr Hannah Price.

“At a time when Black heritage is celebrated throughout Black History Month, it is right that we are gathering momentum in our actions. We developed our programme of work around evidence-based guidance and we are aiming for a sustainable approach that promotes a fair environment in the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and wider science community.”

Dr Hannah Price, Instrument Scientist at the FAAM Airborne Laboratory

Development, partnerships and community engagement

Acknowledging the vitally important journey ahead, an organisation-wide training initiative will form the foundation for our action plan. We have recognised the need to make equality, diversity and inclusion learning resources available across the organisation, including bespoke coaching for our Management Board and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group.

The second strand of work will see Dr Ruth Purvis, our new Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, forge relationships with partner organisations. Our aim is to learn from others who have existing knowledge and experience in tackling the challenges highlighted by the Black Lives Matter movement.

We also recognise that our role as a national leader in atmospheric science comes with a responsibility to help create a more diverse and equal community for the next generation of atmospheric scientists. Therefore, our third strand of work will deliver outreach activities, with a focus on opening gateways for young Black people in science.

Our commitments build on the Black Lives Matter statement we released earlier this year, which recognised the injustices faced by Black people, including within the atmospheric science research community.