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Our commitment framework

Our staff are our greatest asset, and will be treated equitably, fairly and with respect at all times.

Our staff are employed by their local host institutions, which have full legal responsibility for all aspects of employment contract terms and conditions. In addition, our host institutions outline policies for our staff to adhere to. Our Commitment Framework aims to add value to these institutional policies, as well as delivering some of the key objectives contained within the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Living Action Plan.

Our commitment to staff

We work positively with local employers to promote the best interests of our staff. In particular, we will:

  • seek to ensure that staff are treated equitably irrespective of employer or host institution
  • promote best practice standards in all aspects of equality and diversity
  • seek to enable and encourage opportunities for staff education, training and development 
  • maintain a fair and transparent working environment
  • develop and maintain a clear organisational structure and provide to all staff a clear management structure within the overall organisation
  • display clear and transparent management decision-making processes
  • require all line managers to treat their staff fairly.

Commitments across the organisation

Flexible working commitment

Flexible working is key to achieving balance and may look very different from role to role. This commitment defines flexible working as any type of working arrangement that gives some degree of flexibility on how long, where and when a member of staff works.

Our flexible working commitment.

Inclusive fieldwork guide

Inclusive fieldwork ensures that the equality, inclusion, dignity, safety and needs of all participants are considered and met as far as is reasonably possible in order to maximise access to and engagement in key opportunities provided by NCAS and partners. This guide is particularly aimed at scientists and support staff who do research activities away from their regular place of work, either on fieldwork or at a laboratory location.

Our inclusive fieldwork guide.

Informal concerns and complaints process

The informal concerns and complaints process supports early conversations about NCAS culture and staff relationships in order that our NCAS values can be upheld through working together to solve problems. Please note this process is completely voluntary and if you would prefer to go directly to Human Resources at your host institution that is entirely your choice.

Our informal concerns and complaints process.

Institutional promotions guide

The institutional promotions guide openly shares the different routes to promotion and offers support to applying, in response to the 2022 and 2024 staff Equality, Diversity and Inclusion surveys. The guide focuses mainly on university based, academic, research and technical role promotions as these tend to vary from institution to institution and be more complex than support, and professional and managerial promotion applications.

Our institutional promotions guide.

Commitments in development

We are developing an inclusive recruitment commitment to establish a more diverse and inclusive workforce through excellent recruitment practice. This will include the recommendation for apprenticeships to be offered to new and existing staff. 

Following feedback from the 2024 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Staff survey, we are developing a new cross institutional staff induction programme to increase the sense of belonging at NCAS.

Please contact the People Team with any queries, concerns or feedback regarding our commitments to our staff. We are always striving to improve our support for our staff.