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Stay connected

We are home to over two hundred colleagues working across different research themes, facilities, services and partner university sites.

Given that we’re not all based in the same place, it’s often a challenge to let your colleagues, let alone people outside of the organisation, know about your latest endeavour. 

There are many ways to share your research, news, events and updates. We’ve listed the main ways that you can stay connected, and open dialogue with our organisation, our funders, and beyond.

If you’d like to work together to share your work, simply email our Communications Team.

Press Plans

We can help to raise the profile of your research through coordinated press plans, including writing, editing and distributing press releases.

We are closely connected to press offices at all our partner universities, and we have strong links to UK Research and Innovation to help your work create impact in places that matter.

Stakeholder Engagement

We have experience working on engagement campaigns with key government, research and funding stakeholders. If there’s someone you’d like to reach, we can help advise you how to get there.

We are happy to offer varying levels of support, from a friendly five minute chat, to dedicated campaign support that starts right from the word go.

Online Platforms

We publish a steady stream of research news on our website. Our online articles and webpages provide neat, easy-to-access, ways to share stories from our organisation.

We’ll help you identify the best place to post your news, and grow awareness of your research activities with the audiences you want to reach.

Social Media

We’re active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We’d love to see you there too.

If you’re on Twitter, we’ve compiled a Twitter List that includes everyone who works for the National Centre for Atmospheric Science. You can follow the list and automatically keep in the loop with what your colleagues are talking about.

We’d also appreciate you tagging @AtmosScience in your profile bio, or in any news that you’d like us to re-share.

If you’re on LinkedIn, you can connect to our workplace – the National Centre for Atmospheric Science – and follow our page for updates.

And, you can also follow our Facebook page to stay up to date with what’s going on.


We encourage all our colleagues to get set-up on Slack, an internal instant messaging tool.

You can post quick, informal messages to individual members of staff, start a dedicated chat room for your work group, or send messages to our entire staff list.


We share an internal monthly newsletter with all our colleagues, as well as regular email updates. These updates help to keep our organisation running smoothly, and we welcome contributions from everyone.

We also offer an external newsletter that anyone can subscribe to – it brings science news, events and opportunities direct to your inbox. Sign up to the mailing list to receive an easy-to-digest round-up across atmospheric science every month.


We run a series of different events throughout the year to help you stay connected with our organisation and beyond.

There are weekly seminars to get everyone at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science talking about different research topics.

There are research forums to engage the wider community on priority issues.

Plus, there are pop-up events and group meetings regularly posted on our events page.