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Data Archival and Analysis

The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) provides data storage and analysis capabilities for the environmental research community.

CEDA serves the environmental science community through four data centres, data analysis environments, and participation in a host of relevant research projects.

CEDA aims to support environmental science, improve environmental data archival practices, and develop new technologies for accessing data. They also provide a service for large scale data analysis.

The key services provided by CEDA are:

  • Long-term data archive, known as the CEDA Archive. This hosts over 15 petabytes of atmospheric and earth observation data.
  • Data intensive supercomputer, called JASMIN.
  • Research support

These services are provided on behalf of the Natural Environment Research Council, via the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and the National Centre for Earth Observation. CEDA is located in the RAL Space department of the Science and Technology Facilities Council.