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JASMIN Workshop

Dates: Early 2023, to be confirmed
Location: Online

This virtual event is a 1-day, hands-on, beginners training workshop for users of JASMIN. It is aimed at novice to intermediate users who wish to further their JASMIN knowledge.

Attendees will participate in a range of hands-on task-based exercises that will increase familiarity with the JASMIN environment and teach best practice. 

The resources are freely available on GitHub. The virtual workshop consists of self-guided time for working through the exercises at your own pace, alongside real-time support and interaction with the JASMIN experts. The exercises covered in this workshop are:

  • ex01 – Connecting to JASMIN
  • ex02 – Interactive computing using a sci server
  • ex03 – Transferring and sharing data
  • ex04 – Extracting a variable from a file in the CEDA Archive
  • ex05 – Batch computing – running a script on LOTUS
  • ex09 – Using Jupyter Notebooks on JASMIN

How to apply

Register your interest to attend

Complete the interest to attend form

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Learning outcomes

Students will learn:

  • How to connect to JASMIN from your own computer
  • How to execute a computing task from an interactive command line and understand what computing resources this uses
  • How to transfer data to/from JASMIN
  • How to access and process data from the CEDA Archive (on JASMIN)
  • How to use scripts to automate tasks and run them on the LOTUS batch cluster
  • How to use the JASMIN Notebook Service to read, process and visualise data
  • Prerequisites

    This workshop will use Zoom and Slack technologies. Details of the Zoom link and dedicated Slack workspace for the workshop will be emailed the week before the course.

    The workshop does assume some basic knowledge listed below. You may struggle to work on JASMIN without a basic knowledge of these topics:

  • Using a command-line (also known as terminal or shell) environment to execute commands to carry out tasks. If you have only ever used a computer in “point-and-click” mode, for example in Windows or MacOS, you will need to learn some basics about using command-line tools. Information about this can be found in Exercise 00 of the workshop materials, which registered participants should complete before attendance at the workshop itself.
  • Concepts such as “client”, “server”, and an understanding that particular protocols (or methods) enable you to connect from your local machine (i.e. your laptop or desktop) to a remote machine and run commands on it.
  • Basic linux commands for using files and directories. Use these questions to test whether you have the necessary Linux knowledge. If you are not familiar with these topics, please look at this online tutorial from Software Carpentry and Linux Journey site. If you would like to try running the commands in the tutorial interactively, please follow the instructions to install Git for Windows on your computer.
  • Teaching staff

    The workshop will be led by staff from our Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) – who co-manage the JASMIN infrastructure.

    Course schedule

    This is a 1-day virtual workshop – 09:00-15:00 BST.

    Attendees will be expected to complete some pre-workshop tasks to enable them to join the workshop efficiently (see the prerequisites section). If you have any questions, please contact support@jasmin.ac.uk.


    There is no charge for attending this workshop.